Academic Support

Ms. Heller, our academic coach, assists middle school students twice a week with language arts, homework, and projects.

Writing Lab

All middle school students have writing lab once a week. Students practice the fundamentals of English grammar and syntax. They practice the writing process through various narrative and research assignments throughout the year. We believe that strong written communication skills will serve our students during their academic career and beyond.

Study Hall

All middle school students have study hall once a week. This allows students to plan ahead, set short and long term goals, and succeed academically. During this time the students work on homework or classroom projects in a quiet environment. They have the chance to collaborate with classmates or work individually

Academic Coaching

Is your child having difficulty with a certain subject or skill? All students can receive private academic coaching from Ms. Heller throughout the school year to meet specific educational needs. She works with parents, teachers, and the student to achieve individual goals. For more information, read here.

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